TRE® Programming Platforms for Health & Wellness Providers & Non-Profits

TRE® is an easy stress reduction resource that targets the origins of tension & trauma. 

This neurophysiological practice untangles historic and recent stressors.

Simultaneously, TRE® creates space for resiliency and increased mental and physical capacity.


As a caring professional, you and your colleagues provide invaluable services. Yet, daily exposure to toxic stress and trauma is physically taxing and emotionally draining--leaving your nervous system susceptible to secondary stress & trauma.


A well-rounded, self-care routine is critical to guarding against burnout and nurturing long-term vitality.


TRE® is a simple, self-empowering practice that will allow you to do the vitally important work you do without requiring the sacrifice of your own health and wellness.  ​

What is TRE®? 

Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises® (also known as TRE®, developed by Dr. David Berceli) are a series of simple movements enabling the body to release deep muscular patterns of tension by stimulating a gentle, involuntary, shaking and tremoring response.


By reactivating this natural healing mechanism, TRE® interrupts incomplete looping defense responses--letting our nervous system know it is now safe to return to a state of balance, relaxation and calm.

Healthcare Professionals

& Non-Profits


We offer customizable programs for providers and patients/clients.

Provider TRE® Program Platforms

Workshop Intensives
Individualized Sessions
Staff Retreats & Conferences
Lunch & Learn Series

Our offerings range from one-time workshop intensives that provide participants with a basic understanding of the TRE® process, instructional movement and tremoring experience to seasonal and annualized, full-service programming.


Premium offerings include a range of ongoing intensives that build on the previous experience, mini refresher courses, online (live & pre-recorded) instructional movement, as well as group and private integrative consultations. The interconnected elements of these programs are crafted to support a restorative and healing practice.

Your work matters.  So, does your health and wellness.  Contact us today for a complementary needs assessment and collaborative discussion about what might best support, fortify and (re)invigorate you and your team.


TRE® Unravels the Essence of Stress, Tension & Trauma at its CORE:

Many self-care treatments work from the outside in, focusing on managing the results of stress.  As a bottom-up approach, TRE® actually works to erase the imprint of stress and trauma from the inside out by activating a natural healing mechanism that already exists within our bodies.

Patient & Client TRE® Program Platforms

Eight-Week Module: Introductory to Self-Practice 
Small Group Class Series 
Individualized Support Packages

Your patients and clients are coming to you because they trust you. 


Therefore, your involvement and collaboration is a key component to them safely learning and incorporating this practice into their lives.  We’ll work together to develop an approach that is client-centered and provider-involvement-approved.


Healing is not a linear process.  But, there are times during treatment when progress has clearly slowed and things feel "stuck".  By incorporating TRE® and leveraging the body's innate wisdom, often these dynamics shift.