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Our Mission...

To share self-empowering, evidence-based and efficacy-proven, stress and tension relief practices.


Trauma Recovery Alliance is dedicated to sharing simple, stress relief resources that bolster and fortify experiences of wellness.

Our programs are co-created to meet the unique needs of individuals, organizations and communities by offering trauma-informed services and fostering a safe and nurturing learning environment.

We are dedicated to supporting others as they access the innate wisdom of their own bodies and learn how to unlock somatic-oriented, recovery and resiliency experiences.

Our Founders

Rachel Keener
Natalie Savage
Rachel Keener
Rachel spent the first twelve years of her career working in the areas of communications, sales & marketing in the pharmaceutical and technology industries.  These experiences provided a great deal of growth and learning.  However, the more Rachel achieved and advanced, the more she recognized her increasing dissatisfaction with the way she was living her life.  Intimately familiar with the struggles of stress, burnout and imbalance that comes with pursuing a fast-paced, high-achieving corporate career, Rachel decided it was time to try something different.
In recent years, Rachel has studied extensively through non-traditional programs with the intention of discovering how we can be in the world, living authentically, not simply surviving but thriving.  
Her curriculum has included: explorations of indigenous cultures and their ancient healing wisdom, bioenergetics, and somatic-based resiliency & capacity building modalities. Specifically, Rachel has studied extensively with the aboriginal medicine people of the Q'ero nation who reside in the Andean mountains of Peru.  She is also a certified Reiki Master Teacher and a certified global TRE® provider.
Rachel was drawn to the practice of TRE® (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises)  because she recognized that the process aligns deeply with what ancient healing cultures have always understood and accessed--that the body knows how to "come back to life".  We only need to be taught how to allow this natural recovery process to surface again.
Rachel is dedicated to sharing simple, self-empowering practices, and walking with others who are ready to see if a more joyful, peaceful and meaningful lived experience is possible.
Rachel holds a bachelor's degree in communications, with an emphasis in interpersonal dynamics, from Florida Southern College. She earned her MBA, with an emphasis in executive leadership, from the University of Tampa, and is currently enrolled in Lenoir Rhyne's master's of clinical mental health program.  
Rachel also serves on the Buncombe County Health & Human Services board, as a volunteer, trauma-informed, instructor collaborating with the Buncombe Co. Justice Resource Center, and is a member of Buncombe County's ACE (Adverse Childhood Experiences) Collaborative.
Natalie Savage

Natalie dedicated the first fifteen years of her career to working in the private sector, state government, and higher education. While her success trajectory was well marked, she found herself feeling disenfranchised and began a critical examination of her purpose and potential contribution. Through the process it became glaringly clear that her devotion to “work” and commitment to achieving “success” had been misguided. She found herself astray from her essence and began carving an intentional path to reconnect with her authentic self.

Natalie began work on reestablishing her focus and she found solace and healing through a devoted yoga practice. As a means for self-development, she completed her first 200 hour yoga teacher training. Her continued study and curiosity led her to later complete an advanced intensive yoga therapy teacher training.  


The advanced yoga therapy training had a significant impact and framed the influence of tension, stress, and dis-ease within the body in a whole new light.


Natalie attended another training that presented the functional use of yoga to improve postural imbalances and disrupt chronic tension patterns within the body. It was during this training that she had her first exposure to Tension/Trauma Release Exercises (TRE®).  She was inspired by the broad application and the potential empowerment it offers individuals as a self-healing and stress management tool.  

Natalie’s renewed and intentional purpose is to support others on their path towards balance, health, and wellness. She is currently a 500 hour registered yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, as well as a global certified TRE® provider.

Natalie holds a bachelor’s and master's degree in anthropology, with an emphasis in biological anthropology, from Wichita State University. She also holds a master’s degree in organizational administration, with an emphasis in leadership, from MidAmerican Nazarene University.