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Every Monday, 11am-12pm EST, starting 3/16

There is no cost to participate. 

100 spaces. First come, first serve.

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What is TRE®?

Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises® (also known as TRE®, developed by Dr. David Berceli) are a series of simple movements enabling the body to release deep muscular patterns of tension by stimulating an involuntary, shaking and tremoring response.


By reactivating this natural healing mechanism, TRE® interrupts incomplete looping defense responses--letting our nervous system know it is now safe to return to a state of balance, relaxation and calm.

A few things of note & consideration...

What You Need: Comfortable clothes for movement, water, enough wall space to stand against, enough floor space to lie down, and a blanket or yoga mat.

Sound: When you join, you will be automatically muted. I anticipate you will still be able to communicate via the texting feature, but not through your microphone. This decision was made to ensure everyone who joins will be able to hear as much as possible, without also having to try and block out or control unintended background noises.

Tech Issues: Let's hope there are none for any of us! My tech savvy-ness is limited. If you are having issues with something, please let me know and also, know I might not have a clue how to resolve it. That said, the most common issues when using Zoom are computer cameras are not turned on, volume is not turned up, and wifi in varying locations is weaker than others.

Restrictions: If you have any current injuries or physical limitations, I would not recommend join at this time. Primarily because I will not be able to offer individualized guidance, and I do not want anyone to inadvertently get hurt. I sincerely apologize for this limitation on my end. This is a rather ableist set up in many ways. Know that I am aware and trying to get creative on how this could be shifted.

Final Thought: I have never done something quite like this before. So, I am sure there is more I should be saying...know that I will communicate more as we learn together.

In community,