Services & Offerings for Individuals

TRE® is an easy stress reduction resource that targets the origins of tension. 

This neurophysiological practice untangles historic and recent stressors.

Simultaneously, TRE® creates space for resiliency and increased mental and physical capacity.

Private Facilitation

Reasons to Consider Private Sessions 

Personal preference for a more intimate, one-on-one experience

Physical injuries or mobility challenges

History of trauma

Small Groups

Reasons to Consider Group Sessions 

Organic development of your personal TRE® community and peer support​

Group practice often facilitates a deeper experience than solely practicing individually​

Affordable and safe way to break through any initial​ bumps and establish a sustainable practice

TRE® Unravels the Essence of Stress, Tension & Trauma at its CORE:

Grounded in the latest neuroscience, stress & trauma recovery research, TRE® holds the key to releasing our biography from our biology.  

Rather than forcing the body to continue to shoulder, stomach and carry our heartache and pain, we can facilitate the movement and release of this tension and constriction through a very simple and safe process.