Programs for Professionals

TRE® is an easy stress reduction resource that targets the origins of tension. 

This neurophysiological practice untangles historic and recent stressors.

Simultaneously, TRE® creates space for resiliency and increased mental and physical capacity.

Collegiate Partnerships

Master & Doctoral-Level Advanced Degree Programs

We work with academic communities that are shaping our world's future leaders from social and political activism to mental and physical health to environmental and climate science.  We intimately understand that when professional work is powered from a place of heart-centered passion and mindful purpose, developing sustainable and comprehensive self-care resources is critical. That is why we are dedicated to helping you support your students' in unlocking and harnessing their full potential. 


If you are interested in offering your students and your staff a life-changing, stress reduction practice, we invite you to check out our ​program platforms for academia.

Business Partnerships

Progressive, Health-Conscious Organizations

Stress and burn-out are the number one factors contributing to workplace challenges--significantly impacting and limiting creativity & innovation, productivity and an organization's overall financial health. We work with organizations who recognize the toxicity of these dynamics and are dedicated to creating something different.  

The interconnected elements of the TRE® platforms for businesses are crafted to specifically address the "Burn Out" epidemic. By offering this robust Stress Reduction Practice in a culturally-integrated format you will be providing your team direct access to increased resiliency, increased mental and physical capacity, and equipping them with a life-long health and wellness solution.

If this sounds like something you're interested in, please give us a call and check out our program platforms. 


& Non-Profit


Healthcare Professionals & Non-Profits

As a caring professional, you and your colleagues provide invaluable services. Yet, daily exposure to toxic stress and trauma is physically taxing and emotionally draining--leaving your nervous system susceptible to secondary stress & trauma.

A well-rounded, self-care routine is critical to guarding against burnout and nurturing long-term vitality.

TRE® a is simple, self-empowering practice that will allow you to do the vitally important work you do without requiring the sacrifice of your own health and wellness.  We invite you to check out our program platforms to learn more.  

TRE® Unravels the Essence of Stress, Tension & Trauma at its CORE:

Grounded in the latest neuroscience, stress & trauma recovery research, TRE® holds the key to releasing our biography from our biology.  

Rather than forcing the body to continue to shoulder, stomach and carry our heartache and pain, we can facilitate the movement and release of this tension and constriction through a very simple and safe process.  

 Contact us to learn more and schedule your complementary needs assessment: 828-318-6908