TRE® Programs for Individuals

TRE® is an easy stress reduction resource that targets the origins of tension. 

This neurophysiological practice untangles historic and recent stressors.

Simultaneously, TRE® creates space for resiliency and increased mental and physical capacity.


Personalized Experiences

Individualized, single sessions are great for people who have already established a personal practice and are looking for professional support to break through a practice plateau.  Or, for those who would benefit from the experience of co-regulation due to recent material surfacing and being processed.


One-on-One TRE®  

TRE® Unravels the Essence of Stress, Tension & Trauma at its Core:

Many self-care treatments work from the outside in, focusing on managing the results of stress.  As a bottom-up approach, TRE® actually works to erase the imprint of stress and trauma at its point of origin by activating a natural healing mechanism that already exists within our bodies.

Who We Work With?

Individuals, and their support networks: Veterans, Cancer Patients/ Survivors, Sexual Trauma Survivors, PTSD/ C-PTSD Survivors, and individuals engaged in addiction recovery work. We also work with people who experience depression and anxiety. 













Why Is TRE® Unique?


TRE® is often a practice people come to when they've tried so many other things and nothing has really worked.  It is simple, easy-to-learn, and often produces immediate results.

TRE® is a very affordable option. In a healthcare environment that is often financially and emotionally draining, everyone deserves access to self-empowering practices that work.


With a minimal initial investment, you will have a proven stress reduction practice available to you anytime, anywhere.

What is TRE®?

Tension, Stress and Trauma Releasing Exercises® (also known as TRE®, developed by Dr. David Berceli) are a series of simple movements enabling the body to release deep muscular patterns of tension by stimulating an involuntary, shaking and tremoring response.


By reactivating this natural healing mechanism, TRE® interrupts incomplete looping defense responses--letting our nervous system know it is now safe to return to a state of balance, relaxation and calm.