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2018 Events & Engagements


MAHEC: Women's Recovery Conference, May 2nd-4th

Pre-Conference Series, Somatic Interventions in Gender-Specific Care for Women

Session: Intro to TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises®) 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018, 9:00-10:30am ~ Asheville, NC 

Event Information & Registration: www.mahec.net/event/55346

Stress, Resiliency & TRE® Workshop (Cities & Dates listed below)             

TRE® (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises®) is an easy stress reduction resource that targets the origins of tension. This neurophysiological practice untangles historic and recent patterns of constriction. Simultaneously, TRE® creates space for resiliency and increased mental and physical capacity. 


This workshop is designed to support a self-empowering, stress and tension relief practice that bolsters experiences of wellness, while releasing deep muscular patterns of constriction. 

In addition to learning about and experiencing TRE®, participants will gain awareness of the latest brain science illuminating how our biography shapes our physiology- and, the necessity of accessing chronic stress & trauma, at its root, through the body. You will also have the opportunity to investigate how stress shows up in your life, explore your inner landscape and learn a number of simple practices you can incorporate to begin creating new lived experiences. 

Montgomery, AL: October 6, 2018 

Location: Yoga Gem, 1963 Mulberry Street 

Registration: www.yogagemllc.com

St. Petersburg, FL: August 18, 2018 

Location: Peace of Yoga, 21 Dr. MLK Jr. St S 

Registration: www.peace-of-yoga.com


Asheville, NC: June 16, 2018 

Location: Inspired Change Yoga, 2 Town Square, Suite 180 

Registration: www.inspiredchangeyoga.com

Chattanooga, TN: May 6, 2018 

Location: The Wellness Corner at Nutrition World, 6201 Lee Highway 

Registration: www.nutritionw.com/event-directory/

Brentwood, TN: May 5, 2018 

Location: Epic Yoga, 782 Old Hickory Blvd. #205

Registration: www.epicyogacenter.com

Montgomery, AL: April 27, 2018 

Location: Yoga Gem, 1963 Mulberry Street 

Registration: www.yogagemllc.com

Lewisville, NC: April 22, 2018 

Location: Divine Yoga, 6275 Shallowford Road, Suite 200 

Registration: www.divineyogalewisville.com

Coral Springs, FL: April 8, 2018 

Location: Yoga 4 Life, West Studio, 9739 W Sample Rd.

Registration: www.yoga4lifestudios.com/workshops/

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: April 7, 2018 

Location: Funk & Flow Studio, 1215 NE 17th Court

Registration: www.funkandflowstudio.com

Bonita Springs, FL: March 31, 2018 

Location: Joyful Yoga & Spa, 3405 Pelican Landing Pkwy

Registration: www.joyfulyoga.com

Cloverdale, VA: March 24, 2018 

Location: Grace Yoga & Healing Pathways, 4735 Read Mountain Rd.

Registration: www.graceyogahealingpathways.com


Athens, GA: January 21, 2018  

Location: City Center Ballet & Movement Arts, 750A N. Chase Street 

Registration: www.centercityballet.com

Visit your local studio's website or location to register!

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